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Frequently Asked Questions

how do i clean my cashmere?

Firstly, don’t over-wash your knit pieces – it probably isn’t necessary to wash your Cashmere after every wear, so clean sparingly and only if absolutely necessary. Place your Alabaste into a laundry bag and into the washing machine. Never use everyday detergent, as these are too harsh, but a soft soap such as Woolite. Wash on hand wash setting at cool or 30 degrees. Do not wring dry. Lay as flat as possible, after re-shaping, to dry.

can i dry-clean my cashmere?

Never dry clean your Cashmere – a major faux pas for any natural fibre. Akin to giving your Cashmere a perm!

why does my cashmere bobble?

Due to the nature of the fibre, wearing equals abrasion which results in little balls appearing.  The easy way to remove these is with a cashmere comb (available soon on or an electric de-fuzzer.  They should come off very easily (unless your “Cashmere” has been blended with other fibres.

i have holes in my cashmere. what can i do?

Firstly, wash your Cashmere as per the wash care instructions above. Allow to dry and place into the freezer for 48 hours. Depending on the scale of the damage, our team may be able to salvage your favourites!


It is virtually impossible to determine, by the naked eye, if Cashmere has been blended with other fibres. Due to higher demand and offering Cashmere on a mass-scale, cheaper fibres are blended together to get the costs down.  The exclusivity of Cashmere warrants a mass-following but the quality can be compromised.

This is done due to the sheer expense of Cashmere yarn.Each Alabaste piece has been tested by our technicians and a certificate of authenticity is provided.


Summer storage (or in between travel).
If you are not wearing your Alabaste, place into a large freezer bag and put into a clean drawer of your freezer. This will keep your Alabaste safe and away from moths whilst you’re enjoying the Sunshine!For the rest of the time: place your clean Alabaste into its bag with an organic block of your favourite scented soap.


A new service coming soon for Cape Town customers.

Have moths nibbled your favourite piece? Click on the link to our FAQ page for immediate assistance

Shipping And Returns

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