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Alabaste wants to share the Cashmere love. Each piece is ethically curated with passion for design and nurturing natural fibres. Here at Alabaste, our ethos is to purvey quality over quantity.  From the design studio, the Cashmere selection, through to the dyeing mills and into your wardrobe, we want you to feel good about what you are wearing. Designed in South Africa, these pieces are knitted in Mauritius with the finest yarns sourced from Inner Mongolia.

Cashmere is the warmest and lightest of natural fibres. It is also notoriously difficult to yield. It comes from the underbellies of Kashmir goats. The individual fibres shed can be coarse and very fine, therefore it is graded by it’s quality to ensure that you get the best. We take no chances with authenticity, beware of imitations!

Alabaste is for Men and Women and undisputedly the best accessories to have when travelling.